A project organised by our English Department

During the last century many people from the region that is now Burgenland decided to leave their homes and to start a new life in a different country – for various reasons. Many of them emigrated to English-speaking countries. What happened to them after they had left their villages? Which difficulties did they have to face in their new surroundings? How do they feel towards „good old Burgenland“ today? These and other questions were interesting to many students of this school and their English teachers.

So what could we do? We tried to get into contact with emigrants of different generations. The first step, which was already taken last school year, was to ask all the students in all the classes whether they had relatives in other countries. Quite a few of our students said yes, they had. Ms Gutmann’s E-WPG group (7ABC students) worked out a questionnaire that our students sent to their relatives all over the world. We were lucky – many people still keep close contact with their old „hoamat“. Thus we were able to collect 25 answers that came to us from many parts of the English-speaking world. Ms Holzinger’s E-WPG-group (6ABC students) read and edited the results.